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Corkscrew Curl

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PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING!!!! ONCE ORDERS ARE PLACED SHIPPING ADDRESS CAN NOT BE CHANGED!! CONTACT PAYPAL IMMEDIATELY, WE CANT NOT CHANGE THE ADDRESS!!! IF YOU LIVE IN AN APARTMENT OR ON A SPECIFIC FLOOR PLEASE INCLUDE IT IN YOUR ADDRESS OR YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE YOUR ORDER AND IT WILL BE RETURNED TO SENDER. YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY SHIPPING FEES TO HAVE IT RESENT. ALL ORDERS REQUIRE SIGNATURE, IF NO ONE IS AVAILABLE TO SIGN YOU WILL HAVE TO PICK UP FROM YOUR LOCAL POST OFFICE. PLEASE LOOK OVER YOUR ORDER AND MAKE SURE YOU HAVE PURCHASED CORRECTLY. THIS HAIR HAS NO CLIPS, This is WEFTED HAIR for SEW IN. Texture Type: 3C-4A Hair comes in color 1b which is a natural blackish/brown color. Each bundle weighs approximately 4oz (113.4 grams) and comes in its Natural Virgin unaltered color. We recommend 2 bundles for a full head. Lengths over 20 inches may require 3 bundles to achieve desired fullness You will receive your order in 3-7 business days. Once order is ready you will receive email notification that it has been shipped. All hair is measured straight. Which means you lose about 4 inches so 18 inches is truly 18 inches when straight but 14 inches with the curl pattern. What is 3C-4A? -These numbers and letters represent your hair type. 3C hair is usually tightly curled with volume, and can be kinky and densely packed together. Its curls are usually very defined, but fine in texture. 4A hair is thicker, yet tightly coiled in an “S” pattern. Our “Corkscrew Curl” is the cross between 3C & 4A hair as it is densely packed together and coiled in a very defined “S” pattern